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Army Recruit Training Centre, Kapooka

31 March 2015 to 2 April 2015

From 31 March to 2 April 2015 the Tribunal attended an inspection to the Army Recruit Training Centre, Kapooka, in support of Matter 2 of 2015 - 1st Recruit Training Battalion – Recruit Instructor.

The inspection serials were designed to demonstrate the training progression delivered by the Recruit Instructors over 12 weeks. The first day and a half of the inspection concentrated on the detailed delivery of lessons and activities in the first two months of the recruit training course; the final day of the inspection focussed on the activities and progress delivered to the recruits in their last four weeks.

The Hon. Anne Harrison speakings with staff in uniform

The Tribunal President, the Hon. Anne Harrison, speaks with Recruit Instructors during a meal in the Recruits' Mess.

Over the three days the Tribunal witnessed Recruit Instructors lead the recruits through training milestones which included the High Wire Confidence Course, Obstacle Course and Bayonet Assault Course. They also watched recruits complete first aid training, drill, weapons training and range shoots, and physical training.

The Tribunal joined recruits in the field training environment.

The Hon. Arch Bevis, watches training whilst flanked by Recruit Instructors.

Tribunal Member, the Hon. Arch Bevis, watches Week 4 recruits undertake the High Wire Confidence Course led by the Recruit Instructors.

The Tribunal and Instructors spectating a course;

The Tribunal and Party witness Week 7 recruits and their Instructors completing the Bayonet Assault Course

The Tribunal and party witnessed all aspects of the Recruit Instructor roles from 0530-2200 daily. They observed the requirement for the Recruit Instructors to participate in most training activities with the recruits and the level of detailed instruction required.

At the culmination of the inspection the Tribunal and party had witnessed every activity from the arrival of new recruits to Kapooka on day one, through to watching recruits who were about to graduate rehearse their March Out parade. This encapsulated the outcomes of intensive training and the skills and disabilities experienced by the Recruit Instructors and staff at Army Recruit Training Centre.