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Shoalwater Bay Training Centre and RAAF Amberley

10 July 2012 to 11 July 2012

The inspection was held to further inform the ADF submission on Flying and Flying Duties Allowance and Field Allowance reviews as part of Matter No. 3 of 2012 – Salary Related Allowance Review.  This matter was not finalised in 2012/13.  The inspection was held over two days visiting the Shoalwater Bay Training Area on day one and RAAF Amberley on the second day. 

Day 1 - Exercise Hamel – 10 July 2012

The Tribunal members arrived by Chinook helicopter at Shoalwater Bay Training Area and were given a brief on Exercise Hamel including the objectives of the exercise and a detailed synopsis of live fire training.

The Tribunal members visited a Mechanised Combat Team and had the opportunity to talk to personnel about conditions experienced when working and living in these units.  The Tribunal shared a 'ration pack' lunch with personnel from the Combat Team.

The final activity of the day was at Williamson Airfield in the Shoal Water Bay Training Area.  A brief was conducted on the military rotary wing environment, and the inspection party had the opportunity to talk to members from the Aviation Squadron.

Day 2 - RAAF Amberley – 11 July 2012

On arrival at 23 SQN, the Commanding Officer (CO) welcomed the inspection party and provided a brief on Amberley Air Force Base.  The inspection party also received detailed briefs on the experience of flying fast military jets.  The Tribunal members toured the hangar to view the Super Hornet.

The CO 23 SQN briefed the inspection party on the KC-30A, the new mid-air refueller used to transport cargo and passengers, and the inspection party was given a tour of the aircraft.  They visited 36 SQN and received briefings from the Officer Commanding Health Service Wing  about the operations of the Wing and medical evacuations.The inspection party observed Squadron members set up a C130 aircraft for medical evacuation tasking and took a flight on a C17 as part of a simulated mission.

Briefing on muddy track with helicopter in background

The Tribunal and party are briefed on Exercise Hamel during a tour of the Exercise area