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Visit – Army Recruit Training Centre, Kapooka

23 June 2016

On the afternoon of 23 June 2016
the Tribunal visited the Army Recruit Training Centre (ARTC) at Kapooka to
provide an introduction for new Tribunal members to an ADF training
environment. At ARTC the Tribunal met the staff of 1st Recruit
Training Battalion (1RTB) and a number of recruits at differing stages of their
12 week initial training course. The Tribunal had the opportunity to engage
with recruits at different stages in their training during the visit and
observed training activities including first aid training, live fire weapons
training  and field exercises. The
Tribunal viewed drill training for the 'March Out' graduation parade to be held
the next day.


Above: The
Tribunal President, Ingrid Asbury, meets with recruits taking a break during
live fire range training at Kapooka.

This visit also allowed the
Tribunal to meet with the Recruit Instructors at 1RTB who had been the subject
of allowances determined in Matter 2 of 2015 –1st Recruit Training Battalion – Recruit Instructors. The visit enabled
the Tribunal to understand the impact of these allowances in the operating
environment following their introduction in March 2016.