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Visit to HMAS Cairns

4 June 2014

The Tribunal visited HMAS Cairns and HMAS Melville (alongside) on 4 June 2014. The visit allowed the Tribunal members to discuss the changes to maritime allowances with the crew of a hydrographic survey ship (who were previously under a different classification of vessel) and a patrol boat, Ardent Three. 

The visit to HMAS Melville included a tour of the ship and a meeting with the Commanding Officer with a focus on conditions of service. In the afternoon the Tribunal hosted a feedback session with the crew of Ardent Three to hear firsthand about the impact of the revised allowances. 

The visit also provided an occasion to meet with personnel posted to HMAS Cairns who provide maintenance, logistic and administrative support for the vessels alongside. The Tribunal members took the opportunity to tour the base and support facilities with the Executive Officer.