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Matter 7 of 2018 - Maritime Allowances Inspection

24 October 2018 to 25 October 2018

The Tribunal conducted an inspection in Sydney on 24 and 25 October 2018 and visited Fleet Base East, HMA Ships Canberra, Newcastle, Yarra, Kuttabul and Waterhen.

During the inspection the Tribunal were briefed on Navy's workforce challenges and heard first-hand about the levels of disability and hardship associated with serving at sea. The inspection allowed the Tribunal members to review the hardships across the diversity of the Fleet units and to consider the differing rates of maritime disability allowances first determined in 2014. The Tribunal also inspected the physical conditions and the impact of serving in a ship in refit during their inspection onboard Newcastle.

Overall the Tribunal were given a greater understanding of the context of maritime allowances in the current operational environment and the challenges faced by Navy across the workforce along with expectations of work life balance and the conditions of service at sea.

While onboard Canberra the Tribunal also took the opportunity to consider further aspects of Matter 6 of 2018 - ADF Rotary Wing aviation officers, were briefed on the role of aviation warfare officers, and met with the aircrew. The visit was reported in Navy Daily: http://news.navy.gov.au/en/Feb2019/People/5076/DFRT-gets-first-hand-exposure-to-life-at-sea.htm#.XIBxdGwUkuo